Cruising Lake Ashi


Over the holidays, my family came to Tokyo to pay me a visit. Wanting to venture out of the city, we booked a day’s tour to Lake Ashi at Hakone, a crater lake known for the pirate cruise ships and its scenic views of Mt. Fuji.


On the morning of the tour, we were picked up by a charter bus in the city and went on a journey southwest to Lake Ashi and arrived at the pier approximately 1 1/2 hour later.

Before we came decided on when to go, I checked the weather forecast and made sure that we were going on anいい天気 (good weather) day. As predicted, the weather was exceptionally good that day, so there was more sun and less clouds.


We got on the boat and cruised the lake for a good 30 minutes. So like most cruise ships, there’s the indoor and the outdoor section. As always, I made sure that I spent my time on the deck to appreciate the view, while basking in the sun and feeling the cool wind.



The trip was worth it —if you want to experience nature without traveling too far away from Tokyo, going to Lake Ashi is a good option. The view was so amazing, it’s almost surreal.

Some Lake Ashi cruise tips:

  • Look at the weather forecast before booking a tour and pick a sunny day
  • Board the normal cruise ships so you can take pictures of the pirate ships
  • Keep on the lookout for Mt. Fuji (I forgot during this trip :lol:)

Learn more about and book a tour to Lake Ashi:

TripAdvisor | Viator

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