The Mt. Fuji summit


After going on the ropeway, we got on the bus to go to the 5th summit of Mt. Fuji.


On the way up, there were many turns. At one long stretch, we were asked to listen carefully. So we did. Past this one point, there was a sound. It was a melody. Actually sounded so haunting, I had no idea where it came from. Was it the wind?!

Everyone on board was curious.

To my relief, there were no supernatural forces involved. We were told that the part of the road we passed by was designed as such — that when cars pass by, the ribs on the road would cause the tires to vibrate, playing the melody of Fuji no Yama, a children’s song of Mt. Fuji.

Okay, mind-blown sekejap.

So. We reached the summit!

Let me start by saying I have no idea why people go to the summit. It’s shit cold. Most importantly, when you’re too close to the top, you can’t really see Mt. Fuji in its glory.

Case in point:


Yes, that’s the top of Mt. Fuji from the summit. So not flattering. I suppose what makes up for it is the bragging rights to being on top of Mt. Fuji, 2020-meter above the sea level, while not having to hike.

Also, these views:


So ethereal!


Ahhh how nice it was to bask in the sun with this sight.

Ooh. We also went to the Fuji Visitor Center, the perfect place to go to learn more about the significance of Mt. Fuji and the Fuji 5 Lakes and their many geological features. They play documentaries inside the hall and have plenty of exhibits e.g. real tree trunks burnt by lava thousands of years ago.

If you want to be up close with Mt. Fuji and experience stunning views, go to the summit. Make sure stop by the Fuji Visitor Center before that to better appreciate it 🙂

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    February 22, 2016 at 12:16 PM

    tak singgah Aokigahara for pictures? I have this fascination over it after watching the forest. Not because of the suicide cases watsoever but i think its a beauty behind all of those eerie things.

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