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Reza’s lost clutch

Reza lost his clutch when he arrived in Tokyo.

I was in the city with Mama and my siblings when he called to tell me that he had just touched down. He was taking a bus to Tokyo and we agreed to meet at the Shinjuku station.

I waited at Starbucks for more than 30 minutes of the agreed time before I started feeling restless. I wondered whether I gave clear directions of where we’re supposed to meet. After that we lost connection.

“Starbucks Lumine.”

That’s what I remember saying. I also told him which exit to go to, but he might have missed that.

After that it occurred to me that there are a couple of Lumine (a department store) in the same area FML. There are 3 Lumines surrounding the Shinjuku station. Knowing that he might be in one of the other Starbucks, I started moving and looking for the other Starbucks near the other Lumines. I basically went around. the whole of Shinjuku station — passing through the East to the North to the South to the West exits — bear in mind that the Shinjuku station is massive.

There was no sign of him in each of the Starbucks that I’d gone to. We tried calling him, but he was unreachable.

We returned to the Starbucks that I initially went to close to 1 hour later and to my relief, he was there. From afar I could see him looking stressed. The first thing he told me:

“Babe, I tak dapat call you. Clutch I hilang. Wallet, passport and my phone semua dalam tu.”

So his story was, after he arrived at the Shinjuku station, he went to the restroom. Placing the luggages outside, he brought his clutch inside the cubicle and placed it on the bag compartment. Rushing to get the luggages back, he left the cubicle to go to the wash basin and was about to exit the restroom. Not even a minute after exiting the cubicle, though, he remembered that he left it and went to the cubicle once again to get the clutch.

Only… it was gone.

He immediately filed a police report at the station’s koban (police station). Thankfully he had his Suica card, so he could exit the station and look for me.

I’ve had classmates who have left their wallets and phones is buses and cabs, but all were returned to them with nothing missing. This one classmate was so confident that he’d get his things back, he once wanted to leave his laptop on the side of the road since it was too heavy, saying, “I can just leave my things here — it’ll come back anyway!” Sooooo I was hopeful that this clutch would be found, although it’s weird that someone would immediately take it away from the cubicle.

Reza was still very concerned because he lost it at Shinjuku. With such high traffic there, you really don’t know who you’re dealing with.

After meeting me at Starbucks Lumine, we went to the police station again, where I helped him complete the report. He had to fill a form to list down every detail — what happened, how the clutch looked like and what was inside it.

The police then started making calls to notify different stations and later, handed us the report number. They told him that the chance of finding the clutch back is 50-50. Since it was already dark, we were told to contact the Malaysian Embassy the next day for the issuance of new passport.’

“You rasa ada orang akan pulangkan tak?”

I could tell he was restless. Imagine arriving to Tokyo and the first thing that happens is you losing all your most important belongings 😐

So the next day was spent with us calling the banks to cancel his credit cards. We were planning when to go to the embassy… when the phone rang.

The police called — THEY FOUND HIS CLUTCH!

So instead of going to the embassy, we went to the police station somewhere in Nakano, which is just a few stops away from the Shinjuku station, to get the clutch back. A soul handed the clutch to the police earlier (strangely, it’s not the station koban) and Reza got everything back — the passport, wallet, phone and his money was there, well, except for the yen that he brought -_- Good thing that he planned on exchanging money with me here, so he wasn’t carrying a lot of yen.

Oh wells. Although something was taken away, on the bright side, we get the most important things back 🙂 If this were to happen in another big city other than Tokyo, there’s high chance that getting it back wasn’t even possible.

Here’s a picture of Reza and his relieved self, in front of the koban.


More reasons to love Tokyo.

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  • Avatar
    February 2, 2016 at 3:44 PM

    Is he wearing a pair of Yellows Plus glasses?

  • Avatar
    amirah suraya
    February 3, 2016 at 10:08 AM

    Hi Mia. I am so glad that Reza get his clutch back! I have a bad experienced of losing stuff in Tokyo. But it happened to my friend. We were on trip last Nov 15 and were taking Tokyo Shuttle from Narita airport to Tokyo. Unfortunately my friend put her camera at her luggage and she straight away jumped into the bus while the camera was on her luggage at outside the bus. The driver and one of his helper carried all the luggages inside the trunk. and when we arrived at Tokyo, she realized that the camera was not with her. We look into the bus and look for it everywhere but it was gone. Since we were the last person left the bus, we can assure that the camera was not there. Upon arriving at the hotel, the receptionist helped us to call the bus company and gave all the informations regarding the bus plate no, time departed from Narita etc. We need the bus driver to do one more check inside the bus to look for the camera. After that, the receptionist said, they already look for it all over the place inside the bus but couldn’t be found. We were so sad because we knew that in Japan, if you lost something, there’s a big chance that you will get it back. But now we can confirmed that somebody steal the camera. Luckily it was Lumix G2, just an old camera my friend randomly used. Cant blame the Japanese 100% for stealing the camera though it was my friend’s carelessness that she left the camera outside of the bus with the luggage. Haih

  • Avatar
    Farhanah D
    February 4, 2016 at 9:25 AM

    My brother left his laptop bag (with undone coursework and passport!) on the trolley at KLIA. We returned and it was gone but that wasn’t a surprise. What was surprising is that it was returned on the same trolley 2 hours after that, when we had lodged a police report and checked the CCTV. 😐 Still a strange encounter.

  • Avatar
    February 25, 2016 at 2:02 PM

    Alhamdulillah 🙂

  • Avatar
    February 27, 2016 at 7:08 PM

    so baik these people. ambil loose cash, that’s kind of a given. at least they gave the rest back. even the cell.

    aih, kalau malaysia…

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