Lunch at Nalu Cafe Omotesando


While waiting for my turn at 76 Salon in Tokyo, I thought I should give Nalu Cafe Omotesando (formerly 76 Cafe) a try. It’s one of the hipster cafes that can be found along the many alleys behind the main street at Omotesando, located just beneath the salon. The cafe looks a little underground (in fact it does have a basement floor), looking less done than the other cafes near by, actually making it look more intimate and personal than your usual coffee chains.


They mainly serve fusion dishes, light bites and coffee. Though there were not many options in the menu that could fit my dietary preference and restrictions, the crew willingly accommodated to my needs and offered me tuna and avocado sandwich, served with soup and side salad for less than ¥1,000! Tasted good, too.

After I was done with my dish… the crew handed a cheese cake on a plate with a message written in cocoa sauce and powder:

“Welcome to Tokyo.”


Complimentary, dude said.

Damn. I love Tokyo.

After I left the cafe, I found out that if I had shown their Instagram profile to the crew I would have gotten a 20% discount. Ceh. Well, there’s next time.

Learn more about the current offers at Nalu Cafe.

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