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Shopping for office attires in Tokyo


Before I left for Tokyo, I threw away some of suits I own with the thought of getting new ones in the city. I thought that I’d have better options and it’s likely that the stores there would have more of my size. Some time after I arrived, I went from store to store looking for office attires.

After the visits these are the things that I’ve observed:

Generally, of the total areas selling suits in a store, about less than 25% of the floor space is dedicated to women. Not very surprising. In terms of size, they have an impressive range. In terms of price, god damn, it’s mahal.

Stores like Aoyama usually offer black suits in thin fabrics, not worth the price tags of JPY15,000 (RM500-ish) per blazer and JPY9,000 (RM300-ish) per pants. Other relatively more modern specialty stores like Select Suit or the Suit Company have more modern cuts, better variety and quality in terms of fabrics with the same price tags of JPY15,000 per blazer and JPY9,000 per pants.

Global high street stores like Mango and Zara are not carrying career blazers and pants here for some reason. Or maybe it’s only the store that I’ve visited.

Then there are suits by Japanese brands like Tomorowland, sold at department stores, always sharper and more fashion forward than the specialty stores I’ve mentioned earlier. Blazers start from JPY30,000 (RM1000-ish) and pants, JPY22,000 (RM700-ish). Does not make sense for me to spend so much, unless I’m earning salary (…not stipend) in yen. To them it’s like buying a RM300 blazer and RM220 pants.

So… after 6 months of looking, I ended up buying nothing. The most affordable suits lack quality, yet if I want something good it costs too much.

How did I replenish the suit section of my wardrobe? I went back to KL and settled with high street labels 😆

No suits, but I bought 1 blazer, 3 shirts and 4 work pants from Mango and Zara that are of decent quality (maybe better than the most affordable office attires in Tokyo) that I can mix and match. Reza teman me all the way. Made sure the shirts are strictly creme and pants, strictly black, something we both believe in. The damage? Like spending on a good pair of blazer and work pants in Tokyo.

I still need a decent suit, but until the quality and price is right, it can wait.

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  • Avatar
    April 23, 2016 at 7:45 AM

    Try checking out “the suit company”…

    • Avatar
      April 26, 2016 at 11:23 PM

      Dah, but I find them lebih kurang like Suit Select etc. 😐

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