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Admiring the Statue of Liberty


What’s a trip to New York without getting a view of Lady Liberty, the symbol of the land of the free as you enter the city?

Mar, my Airbnb host gave me a list of things to do in Manhattan this one day and one of them was to check out the Statue of Liberty from the Battery Park, located at the tip of downtown.

Brief history

The Statue of Liberty is a statue of Libertas, Roman goddess of freedom, a gift from France to America to commemorate their alliance. It’s a joint effort —the Americans built the pedestal, while the French sculpted the statue. It it the statue that welcomed millions of immigrants as they travel to the United States in hopes of living the American dream. So it symbolizes freedom and ignites a sense of patriotism in the Americans.

(This is the story that I’ve heard and read and maintained by a lot of official sites, but apparently, some sources, including a book, have mentioned that they aren’t all accurate.)


As per Mar’s suggestion, I took the subway downtown. Explored the neighborhoods there and walked further down until I reached Battery Park. At the southernmost tip of the island, I could see Lady Liberty from a distance. Huge distance. In my eyes it was as big as a painkiller. It was so tiny, that I couldn’t even get a picture of it 😆

I had options: 1) To get on the ferry to Ellis Island, where the statue is located; or 2) To get to the ferry to Staten Island, where I could get a close view of the statue from the river. I went back and forth and decided that I wanted to get a full view of the statue — not standing beneath it. I’ll save Ellis Island for later.

So I went to the pier and boarded the Staten Island Ferry. Not exactly the best ferry I’ve ever been on but it’s okay, it’s free. Apparently so many people were doing the same thing, riding a ferry to Staten Island just to get a view of the Lady Liberty from the ride 😆

Halfway through the ride, there it was, the Statue of Liberty, the one I was introduced to by Michael Jackson’s Black Or White music video as a small kid, in front of me. Standing tall with her torch. It’s still a distance, but definitely a better view. The return ride took me close to 1 hour, but it’s okay. I got a decent picture of it 🙂


I thought the view was very familiar, then someone reminded me that I’ve the statue here in my neighborhood 😆

If you want to immerse in the full Statue of Liberty experience, try the tours at Ellis Island. If you’re ok with just a good view of it, though, get on Line 1 to South Ferry and get on board the Staten Island Ferry:

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