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Exploring Columbia University


When Amanda left KL to pursue her postgrad studies, she told me, “Come visit!” and I then told her yeah, if I could. I didn’t think it could become a reality, but it did! She’s based outside of New York, but was there every other weekend for her internship with the UN. Just my luck, she was around to show me around.

I think Amanda was most excited to bring me to a tour to her alma mater, Columbia University, a 250+ year-old university that’s located at Mornington Heights, in the Upper West Side. She picked me up from her friend, Kristin’s super cosy place at Hell’s Kitchen and led me to the university.





Having spent 4 years attending undergrad engineering school and growing up there, she knows the campus very well — a better tour guide than most of the guides of another ivy that I was attending the previous week. Very entertaining commentaries tied to pop culture 😆

When we passed by colleges:

“You know the Gossip Girl scenes at Yale? They were shooting here at the colleges.”

When we passed by the law school:

“This is where Amal Clooney teaches.”

When we entered the Butler Library:

“If you’re lucky, you might see James Franco.”

She tried to get me into her former college but we couldn’t get pass the security.



It’s a nice place, just stations away from the heart of the city — I can imagine the life that she had while studying 😆 Apart from the location, there were plenty of the old and new. I especially liked the older buildings and the space that they had, considering that I’ve been studying at relatively modern campuses that are smaller, for all the universities I’ve attended.

She also invited me to Princeton because her current campus is really gorgeous (apparently it is said to have the most beautiful campus in the US), but time wasn’t on my side. Maybe one day.

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