New York

Museums on 5th Avenue

Apart from living between beautiful brownstones that had doormen at the Upper East Side, I was also a couple of blocks away from the Museum Mile, a stretch along 5th Avenue that leads you to the best museums in New York.

So much to see, but I had so little time. Here are the museums that I had the chance to visit:

Museum of the City of New York

Museum of the City of New York is all about New York. It gives you a better understanding of different aspects of the city and lets you better appreciate its transformation over the centuries. The museum isn’t that big so it’s easy to explore and visit all the exhibitions.


The best exhibition to me was Timescapes, a screening of the history of New York, from its beginnings to the present. This one’s a permanent exhibition, I think. It gives you the basic knowledge and lets you appreciate and understand the other exhibitions better.

The other exhibits had more specific themes that helps explain the developments that helped shaped New York and gives you a glimpse of how the New Yorkers lived their lives in the Gilded age.

Check out Museum of the City of New York. Admission is $14.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Better known as The Met, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is New York’s best museum. Majestic in size and aesthetics, it’s where many things e.g. relics, photographs and world-famous artworks and photographs displayed in its themed exhibits. It’s huge and there’s so much to see, that it’ss impossible to cover it within a day, what more the 3 hours I allocated 😐


Think I’ll reserve the guided tours next time.

If you’re not the kind to visit museum, just go have a look there. The building is gorgeous.

Check out The Met. Admission $25.

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      Is it??? I haven’t seen the MV yet.

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