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May 2016

  • The MBA Diary

    The opera dinner

      We had an Auction Day last year, where faculty and students auctioned experiences to each other to raise funds for the school. I bid on only 3…

  • Life in Tokyo

    The jishin

    My sensei said if anything should ever happen in Tokyo, it’s the bay that’s going to feel it the most. The 5.6 magnitude earthquake on Monday shook Tokyo…

  • New York

    Museums on 5th Avenue

    Apart from living between beautiful brownstones that had doormen at the Upper East Side, I was also a couple of blocks away from the Museum Mile, a stretch…

  • New York

    Exploring Columbia University

    When Amanda left KL to pursue her postgrad studies, she told me, “Come visit!” and I then told her yeah, if I could. I didn’t think it could…

  • Family & Friends


    Earlier this year, my brother started texting me. He asked if I was okay because he heard that I had a flu (Reza told him kot). It’s awkward…

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