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I was crushing on the Dior So Real (see post here). I kept on going back and forth to different stores in Tokyo, not knowing which to pick because they were all so nice. Back home, I remember seeing limited choices in stores, but here, the range is amazing!

I considered colored lenses, but Reza reminded me to stay true to myself i.e. go black.

At the end, I settled for the grey mirror lens with palladium hardware, which is still very me, I think. Love everything about it with the exception of the contrasting nose pads, which I find disturbing.

When Reza saw it though, he was shocked.

“You beli yang ni???”

He expected me to get something more macho and I told him, it was macho!

Then he went on about how I was the one who shared this ideology that everything (well, most things) must be in the shades of black and white and that I was contradicting myself. I defended my choice:

“It’s grey!”

In other words, I was still in accordance with my principles 😆

The problem was the mirror lens, he said. He couldn’t accept it because it’s too much for me. He thought I’d get the black lenses.

Anyway. Love it.

… despite all the reactions I get from it over here, including:

“Mia, you look like a mafia.”


See the Dior So Real here.

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