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We had an Auction Day last year, where faculty and students auctioned experiences to each other to raise funds for the school. I bid on only 3 things and spent JPY55,000 for them 😥 A large amount, I think, although it’s nowhere the highest amount the students were spending. Recently, I claimed one of the things I won— the opera dinner experience in Tokyo, auctioned by my finance professor, Tom Ito. 5 students won it.

We’re supposed to meet at Hitotsubashi at 5.50PM, but I missed the entourage and had to take a cab to the Hamamatsucho JR station, where it was located. It was the rush hour, so the ride was long and slow, although it was just a couple of kms away from where I was FML.

Anyway. I arrived at the scene late with sore feet, from commuting 1+ hour on heels, something my feet could no longer do.

Late. Late. Late.

But at least they had only begun when I arrived. Nodded to my classmates, they nod back to acknowledge.

So we’ve seen in the movies before. They go to a grand auditorium and see the opera, where men and ladies narrate stories on stage, singing dramatically. I’m not sure how else to articulate it. The same thing happened there at the restaurant, although slightly differently  — an opera dinner is where you have a 3-course candlelight dinner, accompanied by an opera show. It’s not as grand as the latter, but hey, in this setting you get to eat!

In the dim, candle-lit room I found my table. Like the kabuki play that I watched, the whole place was filled by people who are of a generation older — I think only my table had young blood 😆

Throughout our pretty decent 3-course meal, we enjoyed the 3-part 2-hour drama (ada intermission lagi) that was happening on the stage. The play was called Lucia di Lammermoor, an classic Italian tragic opera (which means people die). Nobody in the room understood Italian, but there were Japanese subtitles at the back to guide the audience. As the play progressed, Tom narrated the story to us. Turns out the place is owned by his wife, so he told us a bit of the background of the opera dinner business and the talents (1 in particular, was younger than us) that were performing that night.

As for the show, I have to admit that watching the Japanese sing the opera is strange. They’re trying to play Lucia, Edgardo and Enrico… but they’re Asians 😆 Nonetheless, it’s good experience to remember Japan by 🙂 Props to the talents because they rocked and sent shivers to our spines, for a brief moment I considered studying opera singing 😆

After the show ended, we headed to a karaoke kan, because karaoke post-opera was also part of our auction package. Can you imagine having a karaoke sesh with your 50-something serious investment banker turned finance professor (who turned out to have such a classic and clear Frank Sinatra-ish voice)?!?!

What a night.

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    May 23, 2016 at 6:11 AM

    Hi Mia,
    I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now and I love your entries! However, sometimes, when I get left behind on your blog posts, it’s so hard to navigate to your previous entry. I’d usually have to go to the main page and search for the next entry which is honestly very inconvenient (unless there’s another way to do so?) And also, you would always tweet your bloglovin’ links and every time I go on the link on my phone, it gets so hard to navigate off it (so that I’d be able to read your blog without the distraction). I’ve been wanting to tell you since you changed your blog layout but I figured that you must’ve had to go through a lot back then but since it’s been a while now… hehehe. I’m really sorry whining about this.
    Anyway, it seems as if you’re enjoying your student life abroad but I do believe there’s hardships that come with that especially since you’re far away from your family. So stay strong and all the best. ??

    • Avatar
      May 23, 2016 at 4:47 PM

      Hey AH, thank you for reading all these while 🙂

      About the navigation… sorry! Have you tried looking at 1) the recent posts calendar on the right side of the blog (or the bottom if you’re using mobile), where dates I blogged recently are in bold; or 2) the monthly archives beside it? At least with the calendar, you don’t have to keep going back to the main page, just click on the bold dates.

      Yes, loving the experience so far. Just a little bit more until I go back 🙂

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