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The Yale experience I


Growing up, I fantasized about going to Yale. It being one of the first Ivys that I knew is one thing, but mostly it’s because Rory Gilmore endorsed it lol. Never thought it would happen, but I got the chance to actually go there to study, even for a while 😀

When SPM was over, most of my friends were busy contemplating on where to go further their studies but I knew where I was going. My parents had already told me that they were sending me to Monash. Although I contested the idea of having my life dictated at first, I settled for that — I figured it’s a good deal 😆 The same happened when they suggested that I do a postgrad degree right after I graduated. Point is, I got it easy back then (not that I’m not grateful!) and wasn’t very enthusiastic in exploring other options or even trying.

After working for almost 5 years, I yearned to do something different. The thought of pursuing an MBA was in mind. At the same time too, other people that I know were also heading overseas for their postgrads. As I was researching on schools and scholarships (because the parents won’t sponsor me no mo), I once again thought of Yale and briefly considered it. The idea of going to Yale? Nice. Going to the US alone, in the middle of nowhere, probably living in a stressful environment, 15,000 kilometers distance and 12+hours time difference from home, at that point of time and at the level of commitment I was in? Not so.

You know what happened: I sought to realize another angan-angan (banyak berangan, yes!) that was higher on my list — to go to an established university in Tokyo and gain experiences while on a scholarship. The Yale fantasy? Forgotten 😆

So imagine my luck when Hitotsubashi announced about their involvement with the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM) — where all the MBA students could experience programs in 28 of the school within the network during spring break. One of them… was Yale!

The course that Yale was offering during the GNAM was Behavioral Economics, Marketing and Finance, a subject that I love, so it was a perfect arrangement. I applied for it and got approved! Classmate and I were giving each other high tens when we found out 😆

Anyway. Earlier this year, I took a super long flight to New York and the next day, got on a 2-hour train ride to Yale’s main campus in New Haven.

Man, all those time imagining what’s it like in high school and 10+ years later, I actually stepped on Yale ground 😆

(To be continued.)

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