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When I moved to Tokyo, I took out clothes, bags and accessories from my above average sized wardrobe and attempted to bring most of the things with me.

I’m living in a studio now, having trouble storing everything and ended up not using most of the things. I thought about how I often took space for granted at home. Although I did some curation a few years ago (successfully changing my ideology when it comes to style and shopping), I still have so many things. It’s high time that I review it again, that I would be ready to move in to the new place when we get the key.

So here’s the start of another round of curation, with some principles to stick to:

  • Stay true to my own style and away from trends;
  • Cover the basic things the wardrobe needs;
  • Adding versatile things that will add value;
  • Carefully shop for killer pieces every now and then;
  • Keeping the things that I still love; and
  • Getting rid of those that I no longer do.

Finally, a self-reminder: A curated wardrobe is more effective than one that’s filled with lots of things.

Read about my previous post on Building a Curated Wardrobe.

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    December 6, 2016 at 3:36 PM

    Mia, I really appreciate your posts, be it about traveling, your fashion tips and even to your cooking escapades! I just find them relatable (to me, at least). And this post especially resonates with me, nevermind that its been some time since you posted this.

    I’ve read about curating one’s wardrobe and while I find it might be the solution to my over-flowing one, I’ve never actually come around to doing it. I just don”t know where to start! Well, I probably should stop buying random articles of clothing just because I saw someone else pulling it off well, for a start. Oh, and perhaps by getting rid of those that I will probably not wear anymore but it’s so hard! I feel so “sayang” to throw / give them away!

    Can you share more about how you maintain your wardrobe thereafter? I mean, are there any tips on how you shop for clothing to fit into your curated wardrobe? Thanks in advance!

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      December 17, 2016 at 10:06 AM

      Thanks for reading Haneys 🙂 Here are my suggestions for your concerns:
      1. How to stop buying random clothes – The thing that helped with curation is… I stopped reading fashion related articles, online and offline over the years and became more detached from social media influences too. With less influence, you’re less likely to shop impulsively.
      2. How to get rid of clothes – Keep things that complements the style that you’re after, those that still excite you this day. If you haven’t heard of her, google Marie Kondo’s philosophies and books, it can potentially change your life when it comes to decluttering and getting rid of things 🙂

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