Cycling at Yeouido Park


Yeouido is an island located on the Han River of Seoul that’s referred to as the Manhattan of Seoul. It’s one of the major business districts in the city. At the center of Yeouido, is its very own Central Park, the Yeouido Park, a long stretch of greens located between the shiny skyscrapers of the biggest corporations in Seoul.¬†I only knew all this after I arrived and looked it up. Explains the sense of familiarity.

So what’s the deal with the park? We were there to cycle in the park together, under the scorching sun ūüėÜ











We went round the park 3x and stopped at the different areas themed gardens to take pictures, which would have taken a longer time if we had walked.

It may look empty in my pictures, but there were a lot of salary men and women chilling by the park and having a bite over lunch in groups. Some were even working out on the planks in their shirts though it was super panas.

Speaking of the heat, cycling along the path provided was still alright because it was partially redup thanks to the the trees and it was¬†slightly¬†windy. Still, should have brought a hat because by the time we were done we were extra tan. It’s okay, had a lot of fun cycling with the view of the garden with the backdrop of the skyscrapers was gorgeous.

Hmmm since we like cycling like this (or I like cycling like this, because Reza navigates and pilots the bike while I just push when he tells me to lolol), maybe we should buy a tandem bike and cycle around the neighborhood at home.

Learn more about Yeouido Park.

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