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My Diesel skinny jeans


So I’m doing this major wardrobe overhaul and the process involves replacing my worn out jeans. Earlier, I found just the perfect jeans for me, the Diesel super skinny and decided that I shall only wear them now. For the sake of consistency.

I bought some pairs at the Diesel stores here in Tokyo (read post here), only once I was sure that the jeans at Diesel are consistent in size, shopped for them online.

It’s not easy to find the latest designs in my size on eBay, but just my luck, the Diesel online store in the US was having a sale, followed by the online stores in UK like Selfridges and House of Fraser at up to 50% off retail. I mentally banged my head on the wall when I realized the premium I paid for paying retail in Tokyo, where everything is marked up so high, too, compared to shopping online. So I got more (than I initially planned).

Happy with my jeans lineup. Different shades of blue, some clean while some ripped, for different functions.

Check out Diesel here.

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  • Avatar
    June 26, 2016 at 10:26 PM

    I remember going to a Diesel store in Yokohama and my jaw — dropped big time. The male sales assistants were all model material masyaAllah I didn’t want to leave haha.

    • Avatar
      August 5, 2016 at 10:30 AM

      Hahahahaha!!! I find Diesel people super nice, too, above average service 🙂

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