The Landmark Tower Sky Garden


Just one of those days where the sky was clear and blue, making me feel compelled to go out. Took a train to Yokohama, some 45-minute ride from the bay and got off at Sakuragi-cho, the place Reza and I go to get away from busy Tokyo.

A thing that I’ve been wanting to do here is to go to the Sky Garden (in other words, observation deck) of the Landmark Tower, one of Japan’s tallest structures. Got the ¥1000 ticket and went to the 69th floor, 273 meters above ground.

Overall, it was a decent observatory with a good view — Yokohama is beautiful! I could see Tokyo Tower when I squinted hard enough and on a clear day, I could’ve seen Mt. Fuji. However, the million dollar shot, especially during sunset, is really the view of the brightly-lit Minato Mirai. Gorgeous.

To learn more about Landmark Tower’s Sky Garden, see this.

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