Real good cheese tart at Pablo


I’ve heard that Pablo’s cheese tarts are good. It’s a cheese tart store in Osaka that’s making it big, so they’ve got some 10s of stores in major cities. It’s the kind of store that you have to queue to get in, with a long waiting time.

Since I was at Omotesando, I thought I should try it out. The Pablo here is different than the usual outlets because they just don’t sell tarts, but there’s a dining experience at the Pablo Cafe on ground floor and Pablo Premium Cafe on the upper floor.

Thankfully there was no long queue at the time. Phew.


So. I got the premium cheese tart for less than ¥500 a slice. The cheese tart wass super rich and creamy and the burnt caramel on top adds a bittersweet kick to it. It was good. The next time I go there, I’ll buy the whole tart!

To learn more about, check out Pablo.

Someone mentioned that I should try the cheese tart from another shop, though. Apparently there are a lot more stores selling good cheese tarts, too. I’ll go there with Reza when he’s here.

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