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I think some of my mates who are not used to Muslim dietary restrictions find it strange. I’m not that strict, I think, but they consider me super strict. Some offer me to take just take a sip of beer (nobody will know or you’ll be fine they say), while some just make fun of me when I can’t join them for steak or ramen.

So J, one of the nicest dude I know but can also be a douche, asked me:

“Mia, what are you going for lunch?”

“Sushi at the train station. The same place.”

“Oh yeah? We’re going to have steak.”

He was raising his eyebrows, smug, like reminding me what I was going to miss. Asshole 😆 Cue for me to roll my eyes.

Then, when a couple of us were hanging out, they were having something that I couldn’t. Then J was like:

“You can’t have it? That’s a shame, this is really good.”

He was raising his eyebrows again.

You know who take the pain to explain my situation to the rest, even better than I do? It’s the Malaysians, E & S, who often come to my rescue, explaining why I can’t do one thing or another from a non-Muslim point of view. Made me realize how more tolerant we are, living in a multiracial/religion society and made me realize how more tolerant I should be to others’ needs and restrictions.

Well, despite being made fun of, that doesn’t stop me from having fun. When J offers me soda, I tell him that the religion forbids me to eat sweet stuff and when he offers me fried food, I tell him that my religion forbids me to eat fried food. His jaw will drop and he’ll go:

“What? Seriously!”

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