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July 2016

  • The MBA Diary

    The BlueDogs concert

    Recently, I went to my strategy professor’s gig in Shibuya. According to my Japanese classmates, this guy, Ken Kusunoki, is famous is his field. He’s written a best-selling book…

  • Asna

    Asna’s tutor

    So my commencement is coming up. I told everyone at home that I leave it up to them, whether they are coming or not. Reza wants to come.…

  • Style Diaries

    My Milly delaney dress

    Although I’m always wearing monochromatic colors for day wear, my dresses have consistently been colorful. Here’s another Milly dress (she makes the most exciting prints IMO) that I was…

  • Life in Tokyo

    The meaning of service

    Went to the optical store at the Palace Side Building during lunch break to get new contact lenses. When I entered the store, the staff at the store…

  • Family & Friends Life in Tokyo

    Raya in Tokyo

    Another rare raya spent overseas. After my earlier experience of studying overseas, I maintain that it’s a lot cooler than home. I suppose the excitement to me, is…

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