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Raya in Tokyo


Another rare raya spent overseas. After my earlier experience of studying overseas, I maintain that it’s a lot cooler than home. I suppose the excitement to me, is getting to decide what I want to do and how I want to do it (control issues :lol:). In Melbourne, I went to many open houses hosted by students and those arranged by student bodies inside big large halls which I found super meriah in terms of food and entertainment. In Japan it’s a little low key, I suppose because of the lower concentration of people in Tokyo since Malaysian students are spread all over Japan.

Reza came all the way to Tokyo just to celebrate it with me and when you’re in the city the place to be is the Malaysian Embassy that’s located some 15-minute walk from the Shibuya station. When we arrived it was him greeting the people at the embassy and shaking hands with the students there, some he knew personally. I didn’t really know anybody from Malaysia who would celebrate raya in Tokyo apart from Reza’s friends who’s still around and F, a business graduate whom I met at an even and now working in Tokyo. So it was so strange to see so many Malaysians under one roof, man.

Overall, short and sweet.

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