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The meaning of service


Went to the optical store at the Palace Side Building during lunch break to get new contact lenses. When I entered the store, the staff at the store were so enthusiastic when they greeted me. The SAs in Japan are generally enthusiastic to serve customers but since I was a foreigner visiting a store at a commercial building in a business district mostly visited by the locals, of course, they were extra excited.

The people at the store spoke basic English and tried their best to converse with me, but when they couldn’t they just belasah talk in Japanese probs hoping I would understand.

I asked for the Air Optix contact lenses that I usually wear, but they just ran out of it. So he handed me a sheet showing the contact lenses that they currently had at hand, that I could try. I gave him my prescription and he looked for the lenses at the back of the store.

Soon, he came out and handed me 2 boxes of the Bausch & Lomb Medalist. I told him, just take one out of each so that I could wear them now.

Then he led me to the back, so that I could sanitize my hands and wear the lenses in front of the mirror. He handed me a pair of the lenses, I assumed from the boxes.

When I was ready to pay, he handed me the 2 boxes he showed me earlier, unopened. Ohh so at the back just now, he gave me a complimentary pair. Nice. As I was about to take out my wallet, he offered me another pair. When I actually paid, he went to the back again and handed me another pair 😆

As I was about to leave the store, he placed in a box of solution in the bag.

“Sa-bi-su!” he said.

That’s their definition of service.

So. Although contact lenses are generally more expensive in Japan, I think I got a good deal. Paid retail, but brought back 3 pairs of complimentary contact lenses and a bottle of solution 😆

Ahhh. Things I’ll miss.

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    August 15, 2016 at 10:39 PM

    Hi Kak Mia, are these lens as thick as Air Optix? or this is a soft lens?

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