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August 2016

  • Asna

    Reminders by Asna

    So I found out there was a Lickitung some 100 meters from where I live, this one night. I excused myself from the Skype call with Reza and…

  • Style Diaries

    My Milly Sophia dress

    So there’s a print from Milly that I like more than a year ago, a(nother) multicolor floral print dress. It was completely sold out online. Well, at least…

  • Life in Tokyo

    Go Pokemon Go

    What’s up? Pokemon Go is up. So. A little bit of background. I grew up playing Pokemon on Man’s Nintendo Gameboy, but started doing so seriously when we…

  • Asna

    Asna’s black scarf

    Asna posted a picture of herself wearing a black hijab on Instagram. She wears a scarf to tuition classes at night and it is always black! I sighed…

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