Reminders by Asna

So I found out there was a Lickitung some 100 meters from where I live, this one night. I excused myself from the Skype call with Reza and ran to the spot near the park.

When I reached the area, there were a couple of different group of boys standing at one spot, looking at their phones. That must be it 😆 On the way back, I saw girls who had just parked their cars beside the road, shouting “Muri da!”, knowing that they wouldn’t be able to reach the Lickitung on time. Ont he way back, I caught a few more, including a super rebellious Charmander. I was proud to go back to my apartment catching 5 high-CP Pokemons (except Magikarp :|) in one short trip!

I resumed my Skype call, at the same time texted Asna about it since she had just texted me to ask about my strongest Pokemons at the time (Pokemon Go was not out in Malaysia until the weekend, so she could only berangan then).

Asna Nagging Pokemon

LOL. Why is it me who needs reminding by a 12-year-old?!

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