The cancelled flight to Jeju

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After exploring Yeouido Park, we headed to Insadong for lunch, picked up our bags and headed to Gimpo Airport to get on our flight to Jeju. I think the highlight of this Seoul trip is really the trip to Jeju — even my Korean classmate suggested that I skip Seoul and go only to Jeju!

So we planned our trip to Jeju as best as we could. I was constantly checking the weather report and made sure that we were at Jeju on the its brightest days. So we booked flights and a campervan on the specific dates. The thought of sleeping in a caravan, watching sunrise at the peak and later seeing the waterfalls excited us.

Just days before our trip to Seoul though, the weather report changed -_- We expected rain on Jeju on the first day, but the weather should be okay on the next.

Gimpo airport was super packed, but it’s okay. We were going to Jeju!

After checking in our bags, we headed to the gate. But just 5 minutes before boarding, a Jeju Air staff came carrying a banner… notifying us that our flight had been cancelled!!!

I looked outside, it was pouring and the rain got heavier by the minute.

Serious ke ni?!

It felt like a sick joke. People began to surround the staff, all asking for explanation. We were asked to head down and get our bags back at luggage collection. Many, like us, were still seated at the gate, in denial, thinking that if the rain goes away soon enough, flight would be resumed.

All of us headed down, but as we waited for our bags, crushed, the boys, Reza and his BFF Aizat went back to the Jeju Air counter to see if we can board the next flight. At the time I began googling for details. News online reported that Jeju Air is terrible when it comes to dealing customers whose flights had been cancelled. Dah risau dah time tu.

The boys came back, telling us there’s no chance on getting on the next flight to Jeju anytime soon. We learned that all flights to Jeju for the next 3 days had been cancelled due to the storm -_- While they were queueing at the counter, the staff noticed them being foreigners and invited them to their office. They helped the boys cancel our bookings in Jeju (I had to separately call Airbnb to cancel the caravan booking later) and helped us look for accommodations in Seoul for the remaining days. Jeju Air also issued us a note of flight cancellation as proof. Though the flight was cancelled, they handled us very well. So props to Jeju Air for that.

So… there goes our Jeju dream 😥 The rest dah tawar hati that they say they wouldn’t come back lolol.

At the airport, we looked up for the hotels to book for the next few nights. Since we’re cancelling Jeju, I channeled the funds to booking us a good hotel in the city instead.

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