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Went to Miraikan, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation on a Sunday. It’s literally a minute’s walk from where I live — it took me that long to get there! Great interactive museum for the refresh mind on the basics of science, centered more on how it has evolved over time due to innovation. People of all ages go there for the permanent and exciting temporary exhibitions (at the time, Game On, an exhibition on the history of gaming was on). Here’s also where you can see Asimo in action, a robot by Honda dubbed the most advanced human-like robot at this moment.

What I also love about this museum, is the many volunteer guides stationed at different areas in the museum, ready to give visitors a hand. Many of them are elderlies.

I approached one to ask about the cloud chamber in front of me. He was a mat saleh probs in his late 60s, wearing a tag with his name, which indicated that he could speak English. He was quiet, looked reserved and didn’t look like he wanted to talk. I started a conversation with him anyway and to my surprise, he ended up doing most of the talking, taking out his iPad to show me how cloud chambers work on several Youtube videos and sharing how I could build my own at home.

I can barely remember his explanation on how the alpha, beta and mu particles travel inside the cloud chamber, but what I remember is that when he was doing all that his face lit, okay. It was obvious that he was so passionate.

I asked him how he knew so much about it. He told me that he studied physics at school. He was very into it, but being aware that he needed to pay bills, he skipped the ideal that was pursuing physics as a career and became an engineer instead. He worked for decades, I assume it involved migrating from United States to Japan and now that he’s retired he chose to volunteer at a science museum, a place that brought a sense of, in his words, “romance”. It’s like he was so relieved to be united again with the love of his life 😆

But then that’s life right? Not everyone gets the chance to pursue what they’re most passionate about, but I suppose if anything, that conversation made me realize even more that even so, one should find a way to be in touch with his or her passion regardless to stay alive, figuratively.

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