Asna’s crush

Asna had a crush at school. She refused to tell me about it. Everyone else at home had some knowledge about it, but Asna was very secretive toward me because you know, I happen to have a blog that records her stories. (Permission granted for this post.)

Since I left, it seemed that she got closer to Reza, so she confessed to him, but he won’t tell me everything about it for confidentiality’s sake.

Then slowly, everyone at home knew.

I only found out the name of the crush when she visited me in Tokyo last year! After pressuring her to confess at the restaurant, she revealed the name of the boy and while kalut, she dropped cutleries on the floor and when she went under the table to pick it up, banged her head on the table top. When she got up she wanted to do apa ntah and knocked her head on the class.

She told me:

“Hmph. He’s not man enough.”


“He doesn’t reply my messages, he’s not man enough.”

“… what messages?”

I went through her FB message to the kid on Mama’s iPad.

Sentence after sentence sent, asking about homework and classes were not replied, even when she explicitly asked the kid to reply:


At one point, she had enough and she said:

“Saya tak suka orang tak reply message saya!”

To have the crush reply:



Everyone read it after that and went WTF?!

Reza says it’s typical for boys that age not reply, they have other things in mind, but Asna thought crush didn’t have balls to reply her messages HAHAHAHAHA.

Later we had to give a warning to her not to send continuous messages like that anymore (especially when there was no response). In the future she may need classes on art of making friends with the opposite sex.

Anyhow. During dinner Reza and I asked how’s her progress now.

“I don’t care.”

“Wow, you got over it?”

“It’s not like I’m going to remember him in 5 years.”

Reza gave her a high five.

Orang tak tanya pun, she added:

“Even if he talks to me and tells me he wants to be friends on the final day of school, I don’t care. I’ll tell him, ‘I won’t remember you in 5 years anyway,’ so despairful!”


So over, you.

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