Asna, UPSR, etc.

Asna has been ging on and on about the credits.

Yesterday at an event, she ate beside me.

“So, when are you going to publish the post?”

Tak sudah-sudah.

So I told her I’m not publishing the post on her crush. I forwarded the questions to Mama and Reza, who were sitting beside the both of us. Reza, who was back for the weekend, shook his head, disapproving and Mama did the same and said “No”. I even told her about the comment I received earlier from a concerned blog reader, suggesting that it’s something we should pass.

“Fine! If I get 6As!”

Reza asked:

“You’ll do anything of credits, right?”

She nodded viciously.

See, dulu I was the one who wanted consent and she came up with the thing that could compensate for it. She had the leverage. Now, she realized that the wanted it so bad, that she was coming up with her own terms — that if she gets 6As for the UPSR, I have to get her the credits XD Now I have the leverage!

Then we talked about the possibility of her not getting 6As.

I told Mama, Asna told me already that if she doesn’t get 6As, she will lock herself in her room. Apart from losing face in front of her classmates, she said that she would not want to face Mama and Cikyong.

“It’s okay, Asna, Cikyong won’t be around,” Reza said.

Hearing that, she kena marah dengan Mama, saying she’s tried her best and nobody’s going to marah her. Mama told everyone not to marah Asna if she doesn’t get straight As because if there’s anyone who’s most upset about it, it would be her — she’s pressured enough already.

I whispered to Asna, as I always like to play the satan whispering in her ears lol.

“Kalau your parents marah pun sebab your result tak okay, you can tell them, ‘Siapa suruh you tak ajar I! It’s your fault!'”

She sentap.

“Ish! You ni, kena hormat parents lah! They penat-penat give birth to us.”

“So other people yang tak give birth to us, tak payah hormat ke?”

“Kena hormat semua orang tua lah!”

“Even when they insult you all the time? Like me and NyahMan who always bully you???”

“Ye lah, kena hormat lah! Kena tunjuk hormat depan-depan… although I may not hormat in the inside.”

Then buat muka jahat.

Bongok lol.

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  • Avatar
    Nurul Aina
    November 7, 2016 at 10:44 AM

    oh my…hahahaha very hilarious Asna.. macam boleh bayang muka jahat asna lepas cakap dalam hati tak hormat hahahahahaah

  • Avatar
    Nisa Yusof
    December 8, 2016 at 7:10 PM

    Lol Asna!

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