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MBA onboarding II: Pre-departure networking

Among the emails I received from the admin office include a list of all the students who are going to be on board the MBA program in the year — a list of my classmates. The list of names and email addresses were there so that we could start keeping in touch with each other before class starts in 3 months. The office also asked for our preferred name i.e. nickname and dietary restrictions for their record.

It all started with V sharing his preferred nickname and restrictions to the admin office, while copying EVERYONE ELSE, too! What happened next was a series of similar emails turning it into a thread, where every student shared his/her name, background, interests and dietary preferences ?

By the end of the thread, I already knew the kinds of people who were going to be my classmates. 50 students from 17 countries, from all sorts of industries.

We began connecting outside the thread, starting with a Facebook group and began adding each other to our personal network.

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