Prefect Asna

Hungry. So I asked Reza he wanted to go down and eat but he ignored me since he was on his phone. Later, he said.

Since he wasn’t interested, I knocked on Asna’s door and ask her to accompany me eat downstairs. She was also on her phone, too.

“Ask Abang Reza to accompany you.”

“He doesn’t want, he’s busy with his phone.”

“Go nag him.”

“He won’t listen. You try nag him.”

I kept on pestering her to go down with me, until she had enough and put her phone down.


She got up to her feet, marched to my bedroom and knocked the door.

“Can I come in?”

She always asks and Reza always says:

“Yes, come in.”

After that I expected her to start nagging Reza.

Instead… she was walking leisurely inside the room, sitting on the floor and twirling.

“Whatchu doin’?” she asked Reza.

It’s like she had forgotten what she intended to do -_-

“Oi. You said you were going to nag him???”

“Oh. Ye lah ye lah!”

She got up and spoke authoritatively to Reza:

“Don’t be a bad husband! Go teman your wife makan!”

Reza’s jaw dropped lol.


In the end Asna accompanied me makan, with Reza following suit minutes later.

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