Lame Asna

Mama was telling Asna, if you don’t understand something, ask.

“A-S-K,” she spelled it out for her.

Asna, playing with slime, was half-processing what Mama said.

“A-S-K,” she echoed Mama.

Thinking out loud, Asna said:

“Hmm. A-S-K. What is A-S-K?”

She thought about it for a while and later blurted out:

“Asna Suka Kicap!”

Mama was like:


She looked at me, not knowing how to respond. So I said:

“Just laugh, Mama. She’s trying to be funny.”

The Mama did the most tak ikhlas laugh.


Asna was slightly offended.

“Why do you laugh? You’re not supposed to laugh. It was not meant to be funny.”

“Then what am I supposed to do?”

“Nothing. You’re supposed to move on with your life.”

At that point Mama dah malas nak layan and exited Asna’s room.

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