Dinner. Present was Mama and Asna. Reza and I just joined them and we were having a conversation about something.

Then I was reminded of a teka-teki (guessing game) that I wanted to share with Asna. She has dark humor kan.

I asked everyone on the table:

“Apa yang kita tanam pagi, tengahari/petang/malam boleh makan?”

They were thinking.

Asna thought out loud, “Plant in the morning, then you can eat it later in the day?”

Of course everyone thought of food.

After everyone gave the wrong answers and gave up, I told them the right one.


Mama was like ???

I explained:

“You bury it in the morning, after that there’ll be a kenduri and you can eat.”

Mama smirked, geleng kepala and got up as she was done with dinner. She carried her plate to the sink.

Reza was like:

“That’s lame.”

Asna stopped eating for a while as she was still digesting the joke.

Then, she said:

“That’s… funny!”

She turned to Reza and said:

“How can your say that your wife’s teka-teki is lame?!”


Now I don’t know whether she actually finds it humorous or she’s just saying it, you know, because it was me delivering it.

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    February 10, 2017 at 2:09 PM

    best tau ada adik yg tolong bekap kakak smash abang ipar..

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