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MBA onboarding IV: Dinner party

Before we started the on boarding session at the school, my classmates and I 50+ of us gathered for the first time the night before for dinner. It was H’s initiative, the Japanese who emailed those in the class mailing list to suggest that we hold an ice-breaking session before class starts. As expected, the rest of the Japanese joined him in organizing the dinner meeting. The fact that it is referred as a meeting already sets a formal tone to it! After confirming our attendances, H sent us a spreadsheet of names of those who signed up — not just names, the columns included our names, middle name, surnames, nicknames, gender and citizenship. What did I say about it being formal? 😆

Most of us made it to the dinner. It was held at an izakaya at Jimbocho, just a 5-minute walk from the school. That day Reza and I were spending time going to places we usually go. Before night came, he walked me to the dinner, purposely taking the route I was going to take to go to school. We checked the school for a minute before he accompanied me to the izakaya.

At the entrance, the Japanese was already there to greet everyone else, ticking names, collecting the funds and assigning us to our seats (THEY EVEN ASSIGNED SEATS!). I got a corner seat, sitting across R, the Indian vegetarian. Non-meat and alcoholic drinkers sit at the corner LOLOL. The organizers ordered a standard menu for all, but for all the nabe and teriyaki that I couldn’t eat, they compensated it with sashimi, just for me.

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