Be grateful

Reminiscing with Asna the moments where she was a pain in the ass.

“I was such a brat right?”

“Yeah. Remember the time you threw a tantrum at the immigration department and rolled on the floor screaming that everyone was looking and judging us and making faces? Such a pain. Mama told me to take you away so I had to drag you from the floor with force and bring you to the supermarket on another block and get a KitKat (it had to be KitKat) to feed you for you to stop crying.”


“Of course you don’t.”

Asna is gifted with a stronger than average memory for things except for the times when she causes trouble and embarrassment to everyone else. She smiled though, because she was certain of the possibility of it happening.

Her response, with a proud face, in an attempt to make everything konon better:

“Well, just remember… that there are always other brats worse than me.”

My eyes hurt from rolling so hard.

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