Back every weekend Asna

Asna’s back every other weekend.

The times she’s allowed to return overnight, she would return from Friday to Saturday.

Most times she’s only allowed to spend the day out and she’s spend it by going back home in the morning and returning to school in the late afternoon, almost every Saturday and Saturday.

Parents don’t have a life on most weekends because all they do is fetch her from school and then send her back. It’s not that Asna asks them to, but it’s like they see it as given.

“Don’t you feel bad that Mama and Babah are always picking you up and sending you back on Saturdays and Sundays?” I asked.

Her face was almost saying that it’s not her problem, but she hesitated and instead, said:

“If they want to sacrifice their time for me… I leave it up to them.”


Even so, I’m still impressed by the angle she chose in responding to me.

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