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My DvF Batik Dress

I was at DvF to check out the dresses.

Tried several that fit my criteria for a DvF dress: a classic collarless wrap in neutral tones.

The SA who was assisting me, Y, pointed out a batik-inspired, blue-based multicolor floral wrap dress for me to try — just like the one she was wearing. I declined putting it on, telling her it’s so different from what I’m used to. My dresses are usually colorful, yes, but when it comes to DvF I prefer them to be serious and low-key.

When I went home, though, I kept thinking about the dress. The print was not very DvF (neither was it very me) but it’s something!

With a little bit of googling, I learned that  Jonathan Sanders took over DvF about a year ago and became the brand’s Chief Creative Officer (the DvF retired and personally picked him as her heir and hohoho I’m so behind all the industry stories). His mission is to provide a new strategic direction for the label, including exploring different prints and styles. This explains why the print of the dresses at the store the other day are different from what I’ve come to know as DvF.

The more I look at the dress online and offline (since I pass by the store every time I go to work), the more I wanted it. The dress was selling out just about everywhere. When I went back to the store to ask about it, I was told that the stores in Malaysia no longer had the dress in my size. Instead of telling me they’re out and too bad, Y contacted DvF HK (that’s like the APAC region office) to get the dress to be sent to KL for me! By the time the dress arrived, the VIP sale was already on so the price of it was slashed. Lucky!

So how’s the dress? I love the print and the fit is about the other wrap dresses — I think a look good in it. The fabric could be better, though. The 100% silk dresses I have are luxurious  with decent thickness and wrinkle-free, but this dress is a bit more lightweight and wrinkles and looks like it needs to be worn with more care than my previous dresses. Well, as long as it works.

If you’re interested, you can get the print in another style here.

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