LDR ends

So I blogged about how our LDR resumed right after I came back from Tokyo.

He moved out of the city late last year to work on the RAPID Project. On weekdays both of us were occupied work, but despite that we still spent a relatively acceptable amount of time together as he often came home for the weekend.

Well, after more than 1/2 a year being located in the southern region, a 1-hour flight or 4 1/2 hour drive away from home, he’s back!!!

He decided to pursue a new opportunity within Petronas and has officially¬†completely switched subs and roles. Off with the helmet and boots, now he’s back to slim fit white shirts and black pants and shiny shoes and deals with prices and contracts, which is a far cry from what we imagined he would do 35years ago #alwayslearning

It’s also ridiculous that from being continuously apart, we’re now both working at KLCC, his tower next to mine. We could be waving to each other if we weren’t 50 floors apart ūüėܬ†¬†We commute to work together, have breakfast/lunch/dinner together (if time permits) and go back home and talk about work together.

Adapting to on/off apart/together previously required some effort, but at this stage I think we’ve gotten used to it that I think we’d be okay if one of us decides to move again. That said, I prefer being together and for it to remain this way, we’ll just need to align our movements in the future.

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