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My Vara Python Laser Cut Pumps

Reza wanted to get me something after he got his bonus earlier this year. He asked me if I wanted to upgrade my wedding ring i.e. get a bigger stone, which initially shocked me because it was ridiculously generous of him… but then I figured that he must have forgotten how diamonds cost. I told him I was okay if he got me something else. To make it easy, he told me to think about what I wanted and let him know.

The only thing that was on my wish list, if not dresses was this pair of seasonal Vara pumps I saw at Ferragamo. It’s unlike the conservative black shoes that I’m used to – they’re python print on calfskin and (gasp!) laser cut, with matching Vara bow and gold buckle. It’s something different than plain black pumps but I’m still a sucker for something that’s abstract grey, embellished with gold.

I bought myself time to think before deciding on it. We went to Pavilion recently and I showed him the shoes, last pair in my size that I asked H, my SA at Ferragamo to keep.

He was like:

“But it’s not black? You only wear black!”

Well it still looks black and white 😆

Though sold out in stores, they’re still available at Check out the shoes here.

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