Aunty Asna

I was driving home and slowed down at one of the major roundabouts at Bukit Jelutong. The car beside me also slowed down and after that the window of the passenger seat of the car was wound down.

From a glimpse, I can see a makcik bertudung besar in large glasses and big sleeves, sticking her head out of the window, shouting at me with wild hand gestures I didn’t clearly see. Macam nak cari gaduh.

So I thought:

“Apa pulak ni…”

It was only when the car took over me that I saw who it really was.

It was Asna, who was returning home for her long break, wearing her wide MRSM tudung bawal and baggy uniform and large round-framed eyeglasses accentuating her round face, shouting from the car to get my attention -_-

Sigh. How makcik you have grown.

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    September 12, 2017 at 10:04 AM

    HAHAHA I’m trying to imagine Asna like you just described her! Anyway, yeay another post about Asna albeit it being a short one. Hope she is doing well in school 🙂

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