Conversations with Asna:


“Omg look at this picture, I look so ugly.”

She looked at the picture.

“You’re not ugly, you looked beautiful.”

Wow what’s up with the positivism?

She added:

“Don’t say you’re ugly, you’re beautiful. If you call yourself ugly you’e insulting your mom.”


“Mama says.”




Admiring Fazura on Instagram, I showed Asna her picture.

“Do you think she’s pretty?”

“She’s average.”

“Who’s prettier, you or her?”

“She is.”

Mama stepped into the dining area.

“Who’s prettier, Mama or her?”

Asna hesitated split second before she said:


We knew she’d say Mama anytime but Man and I made fun of her for second guessing.

“Mama, Asna said you’re prettier than Fazura!”

Mama buat muka sigh whatever la.


Asna blew her birthday candles quickly.

“Did you make a wish before you blew the candles?!”

“I’ve no birthday wishes.”

“What a waste. You could have wished you’d grow up as pretty like Fazura.”

Then Mama interrupted us.

“Tak payah la asik nak pretty face, it’s more important to have a pretty heart.”

“Asna, would you rather have a pretty face or a pretty heart.”

“Pretty face. Kalau tak macamana nak kahwin?”

Mama looked like she was about to say how pretty heart lagi penting for kahwin but I think she knew that there was no point so she just sighed hahahahahahahaha.

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