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My YSL College

After months of admiring the bag, I got my YSL College.

If you’d asked me what I thought of Saint Laurent last year, I wouldn’t have much to say. Some of the bags by Saint Laurent were okay, but not tempting enough for me to want to own. I think I only started growing an interest in the label when the College bags came on board – chevron quilt and choices of antique hardware in just the right amount of size and structure (not too hard, not too soft). It’s a laid back enough bag for me.

I went on their website to check out the bags. Viewed review videos on YouTube and then scoured the internet, bookmarking sites that sold the bags online. Since I was eyeing the classic style anyway (I knew I wanted a black, but undecided on the color of hardware) I wasn’t in a rush. I also gave myself room to get over the bag, in case it was just an infatuation. I almost did.

While casually visiting the website, I saw this – a black College bag in diamond quilt and gunmetal hardware.

I was inclined towards the College because of the chevron quilt, but I was seeing too much of it that this bag was such a refreshing sight from the chevron. I really wanted it.

“Babe, should I get the bag?”

“You tak payah tanya I. I know you akan beli anyway.”

I went to the store to check it out and oh my god it looks good in real life! It’s more muted than the chevron. I loved it more than the classic.

Hence the episode where I hunt for the bag began. If possible, I’d like to get it overseas. Most of the stores online have sold out of this bag (the ones that still had was selling at a price higher than buying in KL so what’s the point) and most of the Saint Laurent stores overseas don’t really entertain international buyers – I’ve emailed and called at least 5 stores all over the world and they’d said that they cannot accommodate and some actually suggested that I get on a plane and buy the bag there instead, saying that they could reserve it for me 😆

Feeling defeated, I reached out to the SA at Saint Laurent in KL once more and was informed that it was going to be on sale soon!

When the time came, I went to the store to get the bag but to my disappointment, only the one on display was available and it had scratches – not the kind I can dismiss, especially at that price point. I asked the SA to check the stock at other stores but was made to understand that a new bag was no longer available. I actually considered getting it in another color, but Reza, who was in the store with me, said I should stick to black – this was concurred by 3 other people I texted at the time. Writing this makes me realize how ridiculous the amount of people I need to keep me in check lol.

I went back empty handed, but was not willing to give up – made a call to the other Saint Laurent store in KL, just to validate. They told me that they have a new bag in store, although it was confusing (it’s supposed to be sold out?), I reserved the bag right away and drove to the store that morning to get it.

When I arrived at, all the SAs were at surrounding at the counter in the middle of the store. The bag was there, lying on the middle of the glass counter. It’s like it was at a center of a cult worship lol. When I mentioned that I had the bag reserved, they told me they were just preparing for it for me. Apparently, it was the last bag available and they’d just sold the display. There was a slight doubt in me, but I let it slide because this one looked real good, new or not.

I felt so so so relieved that I finally got it.

How’s it so far? It’s gorgeous. A little smaller than what I’m used to, but it’s the kind of change I’m looking for.

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  • Avatar
    January 7, 2018 at 7:10 AM

    Your bag adventures are the best read!

  • Avatar
    January 11, 2018 at 11:43 AM

    Hi Mia! I don’t know why but I like reading your handbag stories. Maybe because you don’t just buy on impulse and actually do research on design/quality/price before purchasing. I’m quite like that too; I tend to read reviews after reviews before purchasing anything (especially skincare!). I think it might be because I just need to justify myself – if there are a lot of positive reviews and I really wanted it, then all the more I should get it or if there were any cheaper alternatives/substitutes. I’m trying to be more “frugal” in my spending. #2018resolutions hahaha. Anyways, at one point of time I thought you’ve quit blogging cos your page was just showing a white background with “website not available” and I almost cried. LOL

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