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My DVF Amelia Stardust and Galaxy Dress

This is the DvF Amelia wrap dress and it is unlike the dresses that I’ve previously bought. While it’s still a silk wrap dress, the skirt of the Amelia is voluminous thanks to the thicker and more structured fabric. I toyed with the idea of trying this style out but none of the previous prints tempted me enough.

But this! I love abstract black and white prints from DvF and to have different but similarly themed galaxy and space prints in one dress — I had to have it. Saw it on, loved it. Saw it at the DvF store, it met my expectations. Since I discovered the dress almost at the end of the season already, I figured I should just wait. My size was still there.

While leisurely browsing after my previous purchase, I found this dress on sale. I suppose that’s good enough a reason to finally make a purchase.

I love love love this dress that I’m looking forward to occasions to wear it more lol.

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