About Miasuraya

Mia who?

Miasuraya. 20-something lifestyle blogger. I write about the things I buy, the dishes I whip, the places I go and the conversations I had. Whatever that tickles my fancy.

I’m a regulator in banking, but decided to take a break to pursue dreams, won a Japanese government scholarship and currently an MBA candidate at Hitotsubashi University in my dream city, Tokyo. So far, so good. I’ve been given the chance to explore my favorite topics, meet influential and inspiring people and have been and currently working on exciting projects.

Oh, married but currently in an LDR. But considering I’ve done LDR for close to 10 years this is nothing hah.

Current interests include curating my wardrobe and makeup bag, cooking and exploring Tokyo.

Hello netizens, my name is Mia Suraya.  Sometimes I feel like I’m leading a double life — during the day, you’d spot me in a suit, making sure that the country is financially stable, but at night, I’d be rolling on my bed and blogging about whatever that tickles my fancy.

Quick bio. I’m a lifestyle blogger. Grew up in awesome Kuala Lumpur and currently residing in Shah Alam. Economics and International Business major who spent five years earning a bachelor and a masters. Just married to my other half after 12 years of courtship and 6 years of LDR.

Interests include going to Tokyo when financial situation allows, taking pictures with my Lumix, singing on Soundcloud, looking for good deals online (I’m an expert!) and trolling my sister, Asna.

Why blog?

I find the need to record my life somewhere. At a young age I’d started writing on journals (a habit the British Council helped cultivate) … then I found the internet.

What’s there in this blog?

This blog contains snippets of my life — from my experiences, travel diaries, the clothes and bags I buy, the beauty products that work and the darndest things Asna (my little sister who is rather… colorful) says.

What’s Stripped?

For a moment, you may wonder, “Who in the right mind would name a blog Stripped?!” Sorry to disappoint, but nobody’s stripping here.

I liken blogging to the stripping of thoughts and experience. Does that make any sense?

When I was younger (I really mean young, I started this blog back in 2004), I was a fan of Christina Aguilera and her album, Stripped. In one interlude, she mentioned about being able to be herself:

“Stripped of all makeup, no need for fancy clothes”

Initially, this blog was a medium for me to be myself — I used to talk about my life, much like an open diary. I’ve now passed the phase and it’s not so decent to strip so much anyway!

So welcome to the new Stripped… but not entirely 😉

How do I reach you?

You can always get in touch. But for a faster response, tweet and remind me to check my inbox.

  • Muhammad Firdaus
    October 30, 2014 at 7:17 PM


    hai Kak Mia, sorry panggil kakak sebab i know you’re older than me. So yeah, i just visited your blog and it was awesome. i’m interested how you make this type of blog. what i mean is the blog design. can you teach me or recommend me how to get one like yours. hihi

    thank you,

    sincerely, Firdaus Zulkifli

  • sgrmse.
    November 1, 2014 at 12:52 PM

    love this About page! so much personality comes through!!

    i am a HUGE Aguilera fan, too & Stripped was my favourite album of hers <3

  • Nazneen
    January 23, 2015 at 4:45 PM

    Hi Mia!
    I’ve nominated you for versatile blogger award if you are interested 🙂 head over to this link

  • Farhana Farid
    March 17, 2015 at 5:46 PM

    Youre awesome, such an inspiring bio. Found you from nuffnang. Hello there! another great blog on my list, thanks

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