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  • Seoul

    Exploring Nami Island

    A trip to Seoul is more complete with an excursion to Nami Island, a small island that’s located about 75 minutes away. The island rose to fame and became a major…

  • Style Diaries

    My DvF Batik Dress

    I was at DvF to check out the dresses. Tried several that fit my criteria for a DvF dress: a classic collarless wrap in neutral tones. The SA who was assisting me,…

  • Asna

    Asna and the significant other

    Man wanted to introduce Asna to his significant other. I found this out when I asked Asna out, but she told me she’d been booked by Man for that Saturday, to…

  • Asna

    Back every weekend Asna

    Asna’s back every other weekend. The times she’s allowed to return overnight, she would return from Friday to Saturday. Most times she’s only allowed to spend the day out and she’s…

  • Seoul

    Visiting Seoul Museum of History

    How can you truly appreciate a city without knowing its origins? We were curious to know more about Seoul. Our previous visits to other places before this helped provide a different…

  • Asna

    Be grateful

    Reminiscing with Asna the moments where she was a pain in the ass. “I was such a brat right?” “Yeah. Remember the time you threw a tantrum at the immigration department and…

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