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    The Aesop experience

    The result of another day of aimlessly walking in Ginza, a commercial district 15-minute commute from my place? The purchase of a ridiculously (by my standards) expensive cleanser from Aesop. 500ml…

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    I was walking around Mitsukoshi, a department store at Ginza when the SA offered me a spritz of this new fragrance, Valentino Donna. I loved the crystal-like bottle at first sight, but…

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    Recent MAC haul

    Makeup running low on certain things so I went shopping over the course of a few weeks. I went back to MAC, the place where I get most of my makeup, for…

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    Shiseido Luminoforce

    I’m rather selective when it comes to the things I put on my bathroom counter. The range of products in Tokyo is different from home, so shopping for body and bath has…

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    Estee Lauder haul

    In Tokyo, I put more makeup on. Here, there’s a societal pressure to look presentable because everyone else in the city is generally presentable. Here, too, my skin is behaving a lot…