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  • Reza

    My 16th anniversary surprise

    He was away, so there was no arrangement for celebrating the anniversary. However, I came home to this gorgeous bouquet and a box of truffles, delivered in the morning.…

  • Homescience Reza

    That air freshener

    We were at KLCC during Black Friday. Reza saw Bath & Body Works and he was so skeptical about everything that was in the store. It seemed so…

  • Reza


    Came home to a room that was relatively neater. Reza was there the whole day since it was his off day and seemed like he kemaskan both the bathroom…

  • Reza

    The Marshall effect

    Before the flight took off, guy walking on aisle and stopped when he saw me. “Nice headphones.” “Thank you.” “You must be a big fan of headphones. It’s…

  • Reza

    LDR resumes

    After traveling in and out of the city for work over the past year, Reza is officially moving out of the city and into the site of a project that…

  • Daily Diaries Reza

    My F1 experience

    Went to the Sepang International Circuit two weeks ago. We’re not the kind to but since Reza got free tickets for the grandstand seats, we figured we’d go for…

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