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  • Reza

    LDR ends

    So I blogged about how our LDR resumed right after I came back from Tokyo. He moved out of the city late last year to work on the…

  • Reza

    My 16th anniversary surprise

    He was away, so there was no arrangement for celebrating the anniversary. However, I came home to this gorgeous bouquet and a box of truffles, delivered in the morning.…

  • Homescience Reza

    That air freshener

    We were at KLCC during Black Friday. Reza saw Bath & Body Works and he was so skeptical about everything that was in the store. It seemed so…

  • Reza


    Came home to a room that was relatively neater. Reza was there the whole day since it was his off day and seemed like he kemaskan both the bathroom…

  • Reza

    The Marshall effect

    Before the flight took off, guy walking on aisle and stopped when he saw me. “Nice headphones.” “Thank you.” “You must be a big fan of headphones. It’s…

  • Reza

    LDR resumes

    After traveling in and out of the city for work over the past year, Reza is officially moving out of the city and into the site of a project that…

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