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Life in Tokyo

  • Life in Tokyo


    Went to Miraikan, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation on a Sunday. It’s literally a minute’s walk from where I live — it took me that long…

  • Life in Tokyo

    The thing I learned in Tokyo

    I’m back in Malaysia! Hundreds of things to talk about. Although I’ve been absent these days I’ve been productive in other aspects of my life heh. So. I left…

  • Life in Tokyo

    Go Pokemon Go

    What’s up? Pokemon Go is up. So. A little bit of background. I grew up playing Pokemon on Man’s Nintendo Gameboy, but started doing so seriously when we…

  • Life in Tokyo

    The meaning of service

    Went to the optical store at the Palace Side Building during lunch break to get new contact lenses. When I entered the store, the staff at the store…

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