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  • Life in Tokyo

    Go Pokemon Go

    What’s up? Pokemon Go is up. So. A little bit of background. I grew up playing Pokemon on Man’s Nintendo Gameboy, but started doing so seriously when we…

  • Life in Tokyo

    The meaning of service

    Went to the optical store at the Palace Side Building during lunch break to get new contact lenses. When I entered the store, the staff at the store…

  • Family & Friends Life in Tokyo

    Raya in Tokyo

    Another rare raya spent overseas. After my earlier experience of studying overseas, I maintain that it’s a lot cooler than home. I suppose the excitement to me, is…

  • Life in Tokyo

    Fasting in Tokyo

    How’s puasa like here? It¬†starts at approximately 2.30AM and ends at 7.10PM. I sahur past midnight, wake up and then go to school. After class, I go back…

  • Life in Tokyo


    I think some of my mates who are not used to Muslim dietary restrictions find it strange. I’m not that strict, I think, but they consider me super…

  • Life in Tokyo

    Dealing with trash in Japan

    No metaphors here, I’m talking dealing with garbage, literally. In light of the regulations on recycling recently introduced in Malaysia, my jorno friend texted and asked me how…

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