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    Wondermama with Amanda

    Since my birthday was held during the holidays, my colleagues were super nice to have treated me for lunch for the past few days. Earlier this week, Amanda…

  • Work

    We’re so vain

    A group of us were sitting on a table at Kupang, the workplace’s food court. While we were having lunch, beside me sat a fresh graduate who was…

  • Work

    Being inquisitive

    Before I started doing what I do now, I wasn’t very talkative. Couldn’t give a care about anything else, because I didn’t believe in meddling in the business…

  • Work

    April fool

    On the night of April 1st, I confidently stated that I wasn’t fooled on April Fool’s Day. That we’re all growing old. Time is scarce – who has…

  • Work

    Spilled tea

    Early dinner at Chili’s with Mandy.   It’s been a relatively busy week for the team. A few days ago I was looking through different stacks of documents,…

  • Family & Friends Work

    Adventures with Amanda

    Just before lunch on Thursday, Amanda asked whether I’d have lunch with her around her place. She needed someone to accompany her home because she thought she’d left…

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