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  • Tokyo

    Real good cheese tart at Pablo

    I’ve heard that Pablo’s cheese tarts are good. It’s a cheese tart store in Osaka that’s making it big, so they’ve got some 10s of stores in major cities. It’s the kind…

  • Yokohama

    The Landmark Tower Sky Garden

    Just one of those days where the sky was clear and blue, making me feel compelled to go out. Took a train to Yokohama, some 45-minute ride from the bay and got…

  • Tokyo

    Catching late bloomers at Shinjuku Gyoen

    Since the sakura began to blossom, I’ve only managed to get good pictures of the cherry blossom for a couple of times. Considering I’m living in Tokyo now, I thought I’d be…

  • Japan The MBA Diary

    Attending a tea ceremony

    In another culture class we learned about the concept of Wa, the art of Omotenashi (in other words, hospitality). Omotenashi is not just about being hospitable, it’s about going beyond the…

  • Tokyo

    Lunch at Nalu Cafe Omotesando

    While waiting for my turn at 76 Salon in Tokyo, I thought I should give Nalu Cafe Omotesando (formerly 76 Cafe) a try. It’s one of the hipster cafes that can…

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