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  • Japan Kofu

    Second hand wonderland

    Been staying indoors for a couple of nights at Reza’s place that time, spending the days packing six years worth of memories inside large cardboard boxes, sealing one by one with…

  • Kofu

    Dining at Gusto

    One of Reza’s plans during my stay at Kofu was to bring me to the places that he frequented. Of all the places that he’s mentioned, he hadn’t brought me to…

  • Japan Kofu Reza

    Reza’s graduation day

    Reza officially graduated last Friday, with a master’s degree in engineering. That was actually the reason I bought the ticket to Japan this time. After spending two nights in Tokyo, I…

  • Kofu

    A short tour of Kofu

    Back to Kofu, the capital of Yamanashi prefecture, where Reza’s studying and had been living for the past 4 years. Reza brought me on a short tour of the city center…

  • Kofu

    Fifi’s place

    I spent the night at Fifi’s place after the snowboarding trip. A small and cozy studio apartment a few blocks away from University of Yamanashi. I started thinking that I may…

  • Kofu

    My 1st Japan trip: Exploring Kofu

    Wednesday was probably the busiest day of all. First thing we did was to have udon in the morning in Kofu. Freshly-made, in front of our eyes. An experience. I had…